When The Glass Is Neither Full Nor Half-Empty.

Sometimes perception is everything and we don't often realize it. I bet you've seen this all over the internet, the optical illusion about the rabbit head that turns out to be a duck if you look through it in a different way. Well, if you think about it, that's exactly the point..the angle you see it in clearly defines what you comprehend. This image doesn't really describe an individual, it's just a simple and fun way of recognizing approach.

However, when perception and impression are both involved, it becomes a whole different story. This bring us to the opening-line – is this glass half-empty or half-full? The main reason as to why we ask this question is because we want to better understand the person in front of us. Whichever they decide between the two choices is all up to their own personal view. Their answer would then be commonly linked towards two paths: Optimism or Pessimism. But if we take a look at it in a deeper level, does this sound fair at all? Similar to how light refraction distorts our visual interpretation. There is a term created used to describe the process in which individuals measure themselves based on how people view them, it is called the Looking-Glass Self. That sounds pretty rough considering that you become the exact mirror of what others prefer to see you as. We tend to be rather quick in categorizing people in our lives that sometimes we forget that they are humans too. Oftentimes they don't really get the chance to choose which part they play in our worlds.

So, what if, the glass is neither half full nor half empty? The point here is that, we have to take a step back in our initial impressions. The importance of this is crucial due to it representing our entire take on any person we meet. That spark is all it takes to make an everlasting relationship and we can't let a glass of water take advantage of that because at the end of the day, glasses were meant to sharpen our sight not warp it.

Carl Anacay | BA Business Management

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