The Unknown

If you think that this is an article that will give you tips and a list of dos-or-don’ts to follow in your life after you leave college, well I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s not. See this as a perspective rather than an opinion. Imagine this – you’re with your group of friends and all of you are having a conversation about political topics regarding feminism, human rights or racism. Whether you’re in the affirmative or opposing team, any thoughts you share will leave an awkward silence in your group. So now you’re just going to sit there, reevaluating what you just said. What in the world was going on in th

eir head? Did you say something wrong? Were you right? What’s with this radio silence? Did whatever you say affect how your friends looked at you as a person?

You see, this is what I would like to call the fear of the unknown. A common fear that I believe to be the base of all fears all humans have. We are afraid of what is unfamiliar to us, or something we simply do not know. Think of it this way, all the right answers have corresponding questions, but do all questions have the right and truthful answers?

What if the government was actually conducting an extremely confidential secret project right underneath our noses? What if they planned to create clones of us? What if we had met their copies of people and we never even knew? Because when you think about it, do we really know what we actually look like? When someone comments that we resemble another person, we can’t help but ponder on the idea and hesitate on whether we agree.

Let’s expand our minds even more. What if the air we breathe contains a gas that makes us think a certain way? Won’t that explain the eerie goosebumps we feel on our skin when we go out to throw the trash at night in fear that anyone in the dark would come out and stab us? What if Area 51 didn’t contain their rumored extraterrestrials they held captive but rather this rumor is used to swerve us from the actual place where they test on intelligent life forms? Are the decisions we make really free or are all of them determined to happen? Are we really free? What is death? Is there life after death? What happens when I die?

Why do you think people reject unfamiliar and petrifying ideas? That is because we fear trying to understand something we don’t actually know. We have no idea and have no capability to understand what we can’t understand. We, as beings, have no ability to comprehend all of the hidden and known concepts and notions of the world, which as to why humans are only gifted with limited knowledge.I believe that we don’t know what we believe we know and that we are living in a world where the information is actually taught to be encrypted as the truth. Thus, the supposed facts that are known are actually unknown. Doesn’t that scare you? Doesn’t that provoke your thoughts?

I state that we are actually never ready for something we are preparing for because life doesn’t function the way we expect it to be. We, as beings, favor and seek familiarity and certainty and that can leave rather an insane impact on our actions. We are comfortable to what we perceive to be true and real, but is it really the truth that we sought for?

But, then again, what is the truth? What is real? What makes sense? What are the answers to these questions? I only have one definite answer that is truly justified to be the solution to all of these interrogations, and that is; they will never be truly, justifiably, and certainly answered. Thus, they are called the unknown.

Allelee Flores | BSc Creative Computing

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