Staying strong, staying home against Covid.

As the world stays strong against this deadly invisible enemy; we too are resilient & continue our work from home with Remote Teaching settled & running successfully across all programs.

We asked our students how has COVID affected them & their family? How are they keeping safe & staying healthy at home? What is their experience & feedback on current remote teaching? What realizations they've had in the last 2-3 weeks personally & in general? And what do they think the world should learn from COVID?

The virus has affected me in much more forgiving ways than others. The lock down has made me miss seeing my friends but I’m thankful and privileged enough to live in a country at provides immediate action and support in times like this. My family’s lifestyles have remained the same as we are a bunch of homebodies.

When the self-quarantine was announced, my household has made sure to clean every nook and cranny in the house as well as immediately cleaning clothes, sanitizing items, after going out for grocery and taking every precaution provided by medical professionals. Aside from taking care of the physical body, I’ve made sure to take care of my mental health as well to keep my sanity in these trying times.

The remote teaching has been very helpful and convenient, and I surprisingly favor it than in class teaching as I have more hours in the day to do my assessments. It has also helped me in retaining a daily routine while in quarantine.

For me, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my habits. I’ve realized I need to develop a solid routine and discipline if I want to reach my goals. In the bigger picture, I’ve also realized that humans are extremely dumb.

There is a lot to learn from this unfortunate event, most importantly is that vaccines are VERY important, everyone should trust science more especially to those who spread misinformation. I think another big lesson we could learn is the drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emission which proves there are solutions for the Climate Change.

Kyla Jaycee | BSc Creative Computing

So far, it’s been going okay for me and my family. You could say we got closer than we already were though, considering we see each other now 24/7. I’m fortunately blessed to be able to stay at home away from potential dangers of getting affected by the virus. I still try and follow WHO’s guidelines for protective measures against COVID-19. I also try to exercise a lot and eat healthy to strengthen my immune system. It’s honestly been very in-stimulating to have to sit in front of our computers for hours on end (plus endless distractions) without reassuring friends and classmates beside me but so far, the teaching itself is been great. I’ve had a lot to think about. I realized how concerning unproductive and moody I get without going outside and seeing other people, changes of scenery. I realized how dependent I am on my friends, seeing people for healing—to keep myself and others in check. In general, I realized an unsurprising amount of people can relate. Personally, I feel like people will learn a lot of things from COVID-19, scientifically speaking. That and the effect it has on people, emotionally speaking. This is probably said a lot in cheesy poems and cliché late night talks but we as humans tend to take things for granted, especially life. Or perhaps we just tend forget that our time here is limited most of the time. Either way, the world should learn to take care of themselves more than ever and others too. You never know what day’s your last.

Alysxandra Reyes | BSc Creative Computing

Our lifestyle changed in multiple ways, starting from our frequent consumption of vitamins that could strengthen our immune system as well as eating fruits. We wash our hands throughout the day since we learned that it's vital to do so to prevent ourselves from getting sick. It's not a shock that our family was paranoid about the disease especially when we see fitness frequent update on different social media application, so my parents receives updates about the pandemic everyday.

Besides the mentioned changes in our lifestyle, nothing much has changed. Our lives remained the same, which consists of working, eating, and watching films of various genres. We don't treat this pandemic lightly, but we also don't let ourselves revolve around its entire concept because we believe that it would create more fear into us; the most important thing to know is that, we are aware of what is happening in our surroundings. I stay safe by prohibiting myself or anyone from leaving the house, unless we run out of food to eat at home. My family's naturally home bodies, so the situation only enhanced this part of our lives. Since all my family members are at home, we take turns on cooking our meals; the dishes we devour are usually the type of food we see on our timeline on Facebook or Instagram, so it is not particularly healthy. However, we try to counter the guilt of eating unhealthy food by working out for at least 30 minutes a day with the help of YouTube videos. In terms of our mental health, we do our best to read a few chapters of a book which we find equally therapeutic and rejuvenating. Lastly, we ensure that we consume our daily dose of vitamin C or multivitamins we have at home for our bodies to be at its finest. It was quite foreign to me due to the fact that I got used to the idea of a professor teaching in front of me, that seeing them on the screen didn't have the same impact. I personally didn't struggle with the use of the application provided, apart from a few mishaps here and there, such as the delay of the shared screen or the sound, but it only takes a few seconds before it runs smoothly again. It was easy to communicate with the professor through the chat box or with the use of the microphone, so whenever we had questions, it would be answered without missing a beat. The online classes were executed well, therefore, we faced no problems that could hinder us from our desire to learn our lessons thoroughly. It dawned on me that, I took for granted the simple things in life. Being able to walk freely and appreciate the warmth of the sun or the scent of shawarma were things that deemed normal until the pandemic was adamant. My work streak was certainly at its lowest from the day that the online classes were issued. Common sense, it’s not as common as it should be. It’s not surprising that some people would continue on doing things that was once normal, but it shouldn’t be treated the same when the whole worlds on a crisis. I've read posts made by some teenagers who clearly doesn't believe the idea of prevention, which goes to show that we need to educate ourselves and other people about the weight of our actions. Not to mention that, racism became the constant action of some individuals when they witness anyone who comes remotely close to the origin of the disease. It's quite obvious that the people around would be panicking due to the pandemic that's been taking lives left and right, so some have been hoarding products that didn't need to be multiplied by five. Therefore, masks, Alcohol, and Sanitizers were out of stock; despite the sheer terror of being affected by the virus, it's unethical to make a collection of such items that other people wouldn't even have the privilege of buying to feel secure. At the end of the day, we're all trying to survive in this world, we should at least give each other a hand by being civilized human beings.

Frances Punzalan | BA Business Management

I think COVID’s effect on my family is that it made me know my family deeper in the sense that I can see them 24 hours a day instead of the usual twelve. We see each other more often and I realized that we have a lot more in common—we all like to work from home in our own apparatus and be in separate corners of the flat to get our tasks done.

My family and I have been listening closely to what the government implements by washing our hands frequently and by practicing social distancing inside the house. Personally, a lot of epiphanies have been in my head recently. I, along with everyone, are blessed and privileged enough to continue learning whilst being cradled in the comfort of our homes.

I thought that being homeschooled was easy and bearable but in the three weeks of e-learning, the realization hit me that I took for granted my days that I could study and meet my professors and friends alike before the pandemic.

I think what everyone should learn from COVID 19 is that we always have the choice, no matter what we do in life. The little things we do—washing our hands, being at home, or even just knowing we should and shouldn’t do helps not only UAE but the whole world. The ripple of change that starts with us will echo throughout the world and become a wave. Small changes, significant impact.

Emmanuel Muning | BA Business Management

The current situation with COVID-19 imposed a huge impact on my family’s lifestyle. It shifted from daily errands being done outside to almost everything being done at home or online. Though, we have to understand that it is a way to keep people safe and an action that is completely dire to prevent the virus from spreading.

We try our best to contact our family and friends virtually to check up on how they are doing. My family and I spend our time together at home and watch the daily news every day to keep ourselves updated. With all of the worries, I try my best to relax and disconnect myself from social media from time to time to take care of my mental health. I schedule my day to help me figure out the things I have to do like online classes, assessments, and other personal errands. Online classes are good so far, but there were a few technical issues here and there.

I believe everyone misses going outside. It’s bizarre to me how we were living our lives for a moment and never knew what would hit us the following day. We never saw it coming. Though, I believe that this is a way for us to reconnect with life and learn to never take things for granted because you never know when it’s going to be taken away from you.

In amidst all this pandemic, we need uplifting words. I have faith that this, too, shall pass and can happen if we all help each other out. Stay home, stay safe!

Allelee Flores | BSc Creative Computing

The outburst of the COVID19 has affected each one of us terribly. Adults are working from home and students are taking up online classes. As a family who likes to go out a lot, COVID19 is making our lifestyle slightly boring and difficult. It’s also sometimes chaotic because all of us are in the same home doing different tasks. Although it’s chaotic, this pandemic gave my family some time for each other. We can communicate a lot and do several things at home, we’ve gone closer. To be safe from the virus we have to stay at home. We avoid physical contact from the outside and whenever we go out, we wear masks and as soon as we reach home, we wash our hands.

As a student, taking up online classes is difficult for me as there too much distraction. I prefer taking the classes at the university. It makes me focus and learn more, though it’s great that even with this pandemic, the professors in my university still doing their best just for us to learn. I appreciate their hard work and efforts just to teach us.

For the past few weeks, I’ve realized that COVID19 is serious and should not be taken as something so little. It’s affecting everyone’s lives to the point that some even lost their jobs and they have no money to pay for the bill and foods. It’s also affecting student’s studies as some don’t learn anymore. I’ve also realized how lucky some of us are as we can still eat and for that, I’m very thankful.

From this pandemic, there are a lot of lessons to be learned. First is to be hygienic, always be clean, wash your hands a lot and be careful about what we’re eating, as it could lead up to diseases. Second is to be always aware or updated of our surroundings. Third, is to always help each other and lastly is to realize how important families are. We should always communicate with them, quarantined or not.

Patrisha Ortigas | BSc Creative Computing

The COVID-19 pandemic sneaked right into our lives so suddenly and unexpectedly that it made such a huge impact.

In my family, our routine suddenly changed after the implementation of online classes and the announcement of quarantine. We became even more health-conscious and made sure most items we often touch or carry such as our gadgets and doorknobs are being sanitized and bacteria-free for prevention and safety. Additionally, my family became my colleagues and our home turned into a workplace. Our availability and free time are currently at an all-time high, which is why any time could be work time for us.

So far, my experience with e-learning is great. The main challenges with this setup, however, are how unaccustomed students are to this and the varying internet speeds of each of us. Nevertheless, the efforts of our university's professors to conduct their lectures are highly appreciable.

This pandemic has given the world the space to think and reflect on their own lives. During the span of 2 to 3 weeks of being in quarantine, I have realized how precious time is and how everything can vanish in one snap. Thus, it should not be wasted on meaningless things but must be well-spent on those that matters and is substantial to us — our overall health and our loved ones.

COVID-19 disconnected us from the world for a while, but it sure has opened our eyes to see the value of physical quality time. It is about time we re-learn how to take care of ourselves and how to treat each other well. Now we have the time to ourselves, let's make use of it to better ourselves as individuals and citizens of this planet.

Haven Decano | BA Business Management

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, back in December, nearly every human is in lock-down to cope with the effects of the disease. It’s been about two weeks since the quarantine implementation in UAE – I’ll be reflecting on the impacts of these events in my life. With my parents working from home and my siblings using online tools to study, we now have more time to spend with each other - it has a been a positive difference as we bond through jokes, playing indoor sports and talking with one another. However, we have not been attending worship services weekly which has impacted everyone a lot but we encourage one another through messages. Nowadays, washing your hands and keeping a safe distance away from people who have been outside, is key to minimizing the virus's spread. In terms of health, drinking vitamin C, eating balanced meals and playing indoor sports (like basketball and table tennis) keeps me healthy. Remote learning has been great so far as I can comfortably communicate with the professors via email or WhatsApp to ask questions and feedback, regularly attend classes with a fast and stable internet connection and still take notes on my laptop. However, there have been contradictory impacts. An expected one - having no collaboration with like-minded peers has lowered my creativity, ideation and motivation - and even unexpected ones - some people don't have a stable internet connection which doesn't allow them to attend class. For me, procrastination is an even bigger problem now, as being at home makes me think there's a lot of time left - ultimately leading to cramming. I realized how important communication and being physically together with other people (apart from family) are - how I've taken that for granted - as human beings are naturally social creatures. We desire social interactions to feel part of a community. Lately, though, I have realized that I've had a complaining attitude as I often found myself feeling discouraged, blaming the disease and being unproductive. I thank God that he allowed me to realize that during these times, I should be appreciative for the priveledges I have (safe family and friends, daily food and hard-working parents). In general, the internet has become an essential and beneficial tool for us but ultimately, will become a tool used against us. Jesus is coming back and you need to believe in God and the Son whom he hath sent - Acts 2:38 KJV. The happenings now are only a glimpse of what will happen in the future. Not to scare anyone, but it is true as it has already been written down in the Bible, things will get much worse. The world is coming to an end - Matthew 24:14 KJV - where we'll be judged by Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God - John 5:22 KJV.

Kimberly Diaz | BSc Creative Computing

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