Home Celebration Ideas for New Year 2021

After a year of a rollercoaster ride, 2020 is finally coming to an end. New year is just around the corner and we all can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family. Unfortunately, the government has limited celebrations in the country because of the pandemic - it's better safe than sorry.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Authority (NCEMA) announced that a number of preventative and precautionary measures are essential to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Workplace celebrations are limited to hanging decorations, private parties and gatherings are not permitted, the

circulation, distribution/exchange of celebratory gifts and food are prohibited and more according to NCEMA UAE (Source: https://www.timeoutdubai.com).

So, how can we celebrate new year as fun as before? Here is a list of unique celebration ideas you can do at home to stay safe during this pandemic while still having lots of fun. Celebrating with food isn't that unusual so let's leave it our of the list.

1. Group video calling - Start a group video call with your loved ones from all over the world and celebrate together. Talk about your favourite moments during 2020, ask how they are doing, or simply enjoy each others' company even though it's digital. We can connect with anyone regardless of distance because of the internet, so what are you waiting for? 2021?

2. Watch Burj Khalifa's New Year's Eve fireworks - Downtown Dubai is preparing for a super spectacle this New Year’s Eve – with a huge fireworks and laser show to ring in 2021. It will be live-streamed on mydubainewyear.com and the coverage will start at 8.30pm local time, so be sure to tune in from wherever you are in the world.

3. Online Games - Yes you read that right. The best way to spend new year is with your friends and family. Not possible? With online games it can be possible. Games that allows you to interact with other people is the best to play - games like VRChat. Also, you can simply play with your loved ones and just enjoy the moment.

4. Make a memory board for your favourite 2020 moments - This year has been rough for all of us but there must be good things too. It may be a year of self discovery or a year of development. Let's all be thankful for what we have right now and learn to be contented. What really matters are the moments, experiences, and the love we spent with our family and friends.

5. Have a DIY luxurious hot bath - Light some candles, get some Rose petals, fill up the bath tub, and get a glass of soda. Submerge yourself and just relax while waiting till the clock ticks 12.

6. Good ol' resolutions - Write up your new year's resolutions and convince yourself to follow it no matter what. It must be something specific and achievable in an amount of time. Having a hard time? Write it

down instead of typing it - try this microwaveable notebook that can be synced online.

7. Jump - Need more height? Not tall enough for that event you want to join? (or maybe that special someone). There's a saying that if you jump when the clock hits 12 on new year, you'll grow taller.

9 . Talk with your friends & family - Sometimes, all we need is just to talk to someone. Start the conversation with a long lost friend or a family member you had a fight with by greeting them a happy new year. It's gonna be 2021, let's all leave the past but not forget it. Let's learn from all of our mistakes and experiences during 2020 and leave it all behind.

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