Design education is not to turn a brain into a light bulb; it is to run it like electricity!

This quote by Margaret Mead is as evasive as it is popular, occasionally heard but rarely understood. In design education, it is equally important for both teachers & students to understand & live by it.

Education in general is thought of as something that turns gray brains into light bulbs; full of ideas & talent that will go and light the world or at least the industry. And so it is; that we have industry full of “educated” light bulbs.

Unfortunately the industries (and also the world) don’t just run on light bulbs; leaving all kind of demands & problems unmet, unattended & unsolved.

But what if we envision (design) education that doesn’t turn students into light bulb...but electricity; that can run anything they want & solving any problem they are “plugged” to. This approach trains them to be open, flexible & adaptable to industry problems & challenges. Hence, the true meaning of “how to think” and not ‘what to think”.

We at Bath Spa University, RAK Academic Center are proud of the fact that our Business students practice Design Thinking, Creativity for Business & Innovation Management; whereas the Computing students train in Ideation & Creative Problem Solving, Experience Design & Creative Incubator.

These modules train them at not just a kind of problem but a systematic approach & process to solve any kind of problem. All to make sure each of our graduates is a leader with skills & creativity for the industry of today & tomorrow.

Iftikhar A Khan | Program Leader, Creative Computing

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