Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling introduces a variety of media making techniques and approaches to interactivity that serve storytelling. You receive a primer in digital media production, and explore a range of digital narratives (e.g. web-based stories, alternative reality games, animated explainer videos) that are designed to inform, persuade or entertain. In-class projects make deploy both individual and collaborative working practice, and encourage critical
reflection on your own work and the work of others.

Overview |

Digital Storytelling deliberately covers a breadth of material in order to expose the range of approaches and opportunities that are available to the students when working with digital media.

Topics covered include:

  • The fundamentals of storytelling

  • Non-linear narratives and interactivity

  • Analysis of visual design

  • Image making

  • Audio capture and editing

  • Basic game-making

  • Stop motion animation

  • Contextualizing ideas

  • Critical reflection and feedback

  • IP, copyright and Creative Commons

Learning Outcomes |

By successful completion of the module, you will be able to demonstrate:


  • The deployment of industry standard tools and techniques to produce digital media content.

  • An ability to contextualize creative and technical work by drawing on existing artifacts and established techniques.

  • Knowledge of key strategies for the planning, design, production and critical review of digital media content.

  • Adherence to intellectual property law in the context of creative content.


Core Tools Used |



  • Audacity

  • Adobe Photoshop


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