Business & Management

Budding entrepreneur? CEO of the future? Marketing Director in the making? Whatever your aspirations, our Business and Management course will give you a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of modern business. ​Along the way you’ll develop the core skills you need to excel in all kinds of businesses and start to build a clear picture of exactly where those skills could take you.

BA (Hons)

Business & Management

3 Years  |  6 Semesters |  @RAK Academic Center

Overview |

​We’ll help you develop as a person to achieve your potential through teaching you about business and how it works. You’ll graduate with potential for employment in different businesses; this could be an organisation, the private or public sector, a charity or possibly your own business. We aim to give you the skills to apply your knowledge in a wide range of situations in any sector.

Since you are registered as Bath Spa University UK students; you’ll have the opportunity to transfer & study in UK from Yr 2 onward at their current fee structure.

Course Structure |

Year One: Level 4
Gain a broad understanding of today’s business environment - from the context that organisations operate in through to trends in economic thinking and the importance of data in business. Modules will cover topics such as organisations and the business environment, economics and globalisation, and managing data.

Year Two: Level 5
Focus on the inner workings of businesses. Use business techniques to solve problems and start developing the skills that employers look for. Modules cover key themes including creativity and innovation in business. At the end of the year, you can choose to embark on a ten-month business placement or a ten-week summer placement - applying what you’ve learned so far in the real world.

Year Three: Level 6
Develop and explore your business learning and focus on the role of management. Undertake an in-depth business research project in your specialist area. You’ll also have a chance to set up a business on your own or with fellow students. Other topics to explore include: managing sustainability, new trends in management, and strategic human resource management.

Year 1 Semester 1

The Business Environment

Managing Data

Professional Practice

Year 1 Semester 2

Organizational Behavior & Management

Economics & Globalization

Design Thinking for Enterprise

Year 2 Semester 1

Creativity for Business

Finance Accounting

The Marketing Business

Year 2 Semester 2

Innovation Management

Human Resource Management

Operations & Project Management

Year 3 Semester 1

Management Accounting

Enterprise: Creating a Business

International Marketing

Year 3 Semester 2

Business and Management Research Project

Cross Cultural Management in International Business

Assessments |


You'll be assessed in a wide range of ways that will test your business knowledge and management skills. These could include presentations, work related projects, group-work, computer based simulations, podcasts, examinations, essays, videos and business reports.

Teaching Methods | 


We offer variety in the way we teach: sometimes we will set you problems so you can find the answers for yourself, sometimes we will lecture. Most modules use a mix of lectures and small group seminars. There is a good blend of online activities using our Virtual Learning Environment, Minerva. We invite business leaders in to talk about their experience and we arrange visits to local businesses. All of our teaching methods facilitate your development as a self directed learner.


You’ll be given personal support in your study - we are a friendly team of academics who are committed to helping students achieve their goals.


Entry Requirements |


For Direct Entry in Year 1:

  • Indian students with 65% marks at Grade XII / Pakistani students with 70% marks at Grade XII

  • A Level - Grades BCC

  • Other equivalent qualifications from EduQual/BTEC with Merit

For Direct Entry in Year 2:

  • Accredited Prior Learning equivalent to Year 1

  • Other equivalent qualifications from EduQual/BTEC with Merit

For Direct Entry in Year 3:

  • Accredited Prior Learning equivalent to Year 2

  • Other equivalent qualifications from EduQual/BTEC with Merit


English Language |


A mandatory English Language Test by the Bath Spa University UK conducted at the UAE Campus. Contact Us for details.

​Pls Note:

All applications are reviewed individually. Pls contact us to check your eligibility.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Saqib Bhatti, Program Leader for Business & Management at; to discuss eligibility, pathway programs & other information.

What you will study?

Intro to Computing | 20 Credits | Yr 1.1

In this module you will learn what data is and how it can be represented, manipulated, processed, stored, transferred, error-checked and compressed. You will learn how to elicit, represent and analyse the flow of data through systems, and how systems are effectively developed. You will gain an understanding of devices, software, models and protocols that are used to do this, as well as associated social, legal and ethical implications.

Topics Covered |

A Brief History of Computing | Raw Data | Computer Components | Memory | Operating Systems | Networks | The Internet | The fetch-execute cycle | Human-Computer Interaction

Learning Outcomes |

By successful completion of the module, you will be able to demonstrate:


  • Knowledge of the core features of contemporary computing systems.

  • Skills in interpreting, manipulating and representing data.

  • Engagement with the key social, ethical, cultural and legal consequences of computing.

  • An ability to locate, assess and consolidate information in the field of computer science from print and online resources.


Tools, Activities & Assessments |


Presentations | Essays | Research Report

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