Bath Spa University Academic Center, RAK is dedicated to its academic vision & objectives with realistic & sustainable goals. Being located at the prestigious Academy Zone in Ras Al Khaimah gives us a professional edge as well as the responsibility to raise and maintain high academic standards. 


Our vision is to provide affordable education with zero compromise on academic & student’s policies. We already have a robust academic structure in place backed with some highly qualified & experienced faculty & management staff.

Academic Center, RAK

We understand the dire need of instilling constructive & socially responsible vision & traits in its graduates; apart of loading them with competent professional education.


We aspire to nurture our students both academically as well as individually to develop a league of socially responsible professionals.

We intend to maintain a reasonable teacher-students ratio to keep in close contact with individual students & monitor their behavior.

Our code of conduct policies is strict with matters of inappropriate behavior, racism, religious harmony & gender.

Our Faculty members actively mentor students in almost all aspects of life with ‘open door policy’; promoting professional as well as inter-personal skills.

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Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK

RAKEZ Academy Zone 3, Block D

First Floor, Al Dhait South

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Bath Spa University, United Kingdom shall solely administer the issuance of degree and mark sheets. Bath Spa University UK meets all desired requirements for foreign degree attestations.
Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK is approved by the UAE Government through RAKEZ to operate as an International Higher Education Institution in Ras Al Khaimah Academic Zone.
Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK  bears no responsibility for MOHESR degree attestation or degree equivalence.